Are you struggling financially, unsure how you are going to make it through this month, just to have to start another month unsure of how you are going to pay everything?  Maybe you should consider wiping your slate clean and starting anew.  If you qualify, not only will a personal bankruptcy allow you to discharge some or all of your unsecured debts, but it will also allow you to stop focusing your time and worry on how you are going to keep afloat for another month, it will allow you to focus on you and your family instead.  A personal bankruptcy could also help you to save your home if you are in danger of falling behind on your payments, or loosing your home to tax sale or foreclosure.  Contact our office to find out your rights in this area to see if bankruptcy may benefit you and your family. 

Maybe bankruptcy isn’t what you need, but maybe you have one pesky creditor who just will not work with you.  Contact our office to discuss debt negotiation to see if settling with a particular creditor will best suit your needs and circumstances.

Should you require the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney and paralegal, we are here to answer your questions. We strive to see that our clients’ rights are being protected through the entire bankruptcy process, and we offer them the chance to work directly with their attorney. Our firm delivers the personalized attention that your case demands, and our goal is to allow you to get on with your life as quickly as possible while addressing your financial issues.

We help our clients handle petitioning the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the relief under the Bankruptcy Code that best suits their needs and assists in attaining their goals. There are many reasons to consider retaining our services, including the fact that we offer:

  • Flexible appointment availability
  • Local representation
  • Impartial advice
  • We work with you towards your goals
  • We address your creditors while you focus on your financial future
  • We can assist you with your mortgage modification process
  • We can assist you in stopping a pending sheriff sale of either real or personal property
  • We can assist you with stopping wage attachments and frozen bank accounts
  • We strive to ensure that you understand the process and strive to provide our clients with all the information needed to make educated financial decisions to suit each client and their financial goals

There’s a way to make the harassing phone calls and demanding letters to stop, and it begins with obtaining legal counsel. Neuharth Law Offices is a member of the Franklin County Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association. We are admitted to practice in the Middle District of Pennsylvania as well as the Western District of Pennsylvania, so call us now and ask to discuss your bankruptcy case with our office.

We ALWAYS offer a free consultation for bankruptcy so no need to fear the costs of consulting our office to discuss a potential bankruptcy. An informed decision is always a better decision!